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Why I Absolutely love Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer

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I’m sure you have heard about this concealer by now. At least it’s all over my instagram feed. Every Influencer and make-up lover has spoken about this product. Obviously I had to get this on my hands ASAP. With the past year of being mostly inside without human contact (because Covid) I’ve really had a love hate relationship with Make-Up. Don’t get me wrong I love getting ready and putting in the work to make me look my fiercest self. But what is the point you know when you don’t meet anybody. I really came to love the no make-up face, and more so the-not-having-to-get-up-one-hour-early-to-make-this-face-somewhat-decent-looking :p.

Anyhow all kidding aside Covid numbers are decreasing and slowly but surely things start to open up again. Thats why for me this is the right time to talk to you a little bit about the Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer. Let’s get into it shall we.

Maybelline the eraser eye concealer

This is what I am talking about. In full it is called the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Multi Use Concealer. According to the Maybelline website this concealer comes in 12 different shades. I have chosen number 06: Neutralizer. It comes in a 6,8 ml container with a sponge at the end. This should be used as the applicator. The concealer comes out by turning the red/pink part or the container to the left. After turning it a couple of times something finally comes out. The texture is really creamy and has medium to full coverage. Perfect for the days you would have rather stayed in bed but had to lady-boss this bitch, excuse my language.

People say that the only downside to this product is the sponge. Because of its size it absorbs quite a bit of product making it can use more product than you initially might think. But, you don’t have to turn up new product every day, what I have noticed is that there is often enough concealer in the sponge for 2-3 days of use.

I have been blessed with a fairly clear skin, only having spots occasionally. I know you must all hate me right now. But I have some dark spots under my eyes. This concealer makes me look really fresh and awake, ready to take on the day. My skin can be described as dry. That is why it really is a challenge for me to find any concealer, foundation etc. that doesn’t make me look cakey.

Because of its creamy texture this works perfect with dry skin. When I apply concealer I usually only apply this in the inner corner of my eye along with the outer corner in an upwards motion as seen on the picture. This will create a natural face lift. After applying it I will blend this into my skin using a Beautyblender. The sponge that is attached to the concealer works great for applying but I prefer the Beautyblender for blending it into my skin.

After this I apply my other make up such as foundation, contour and blush. My face looks flawless and I am ready to tackle the day. This concludes why I love this Maybelline the eraser eye concealer so much. It gets the job done without spending the majority of your salary. That is always a win!


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Maybelline the eraser eye concealer


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