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The blazer Edit: Summer Edition

The blazer Edit: Summer Edition

The time has come for yet another fashion post. This time I want to shine some light on a very versatile staple piece: The Blazer. There is nothing a blazer can’t fix. Any fashion crisis can be solved with this piece. You can wear them to the office as it’s perfect office wear but also wear it super casual with a crop top/ oversized T-shirt with biker shorts or ripped jeans. Personally I love the blazers that Zara does. They are a little bit on the $$ side but you can wear it all seasons long and for years. If you look at it in this way it’s really just an investment.. at least that what I keep telling myself to justify the purchase of my 15th blazer ;). But I’m not keeping this all to myself so here is The blazer Edit: Summer Edition.

Pink Linen Blazer from Zara

Wow is this a pretty pink color or what. If you know me you know that I have really been loving anything linen lately. Its so breathable and light and so is this blazer. The color makes any outfit pop. Its a little oversized without it being too slouchy. Perfect for work or a brunch with the girls.

Beige Oversized Blazer from Zara

In my opinion this is the perfect item for a casual outtie. Compared with biker shorts and a crop top it looks so cool. This blazer is really slouchy but it works really well with its nude color. Its light, its breathable, its your ultimate summer essential.

Zara Green Oversized Blazer

O M G this color is everything to me. I didn’t know I would love green so much. Same with the pink one mentioned above this piece makes a simple outfit look 10 times better. This is easily my favorite pick from the whole order. I love to wear this with a simple top & Jeans or shorts. This Blazer is really oversized bit I’m here for it. Somehow it works so well. Like you are wearing your dads blazer but in a cool way!

Zara blazer with multicolor print

This blazer is really something. To be honest this is not something everyone will like but I like it a lot. Its different, it will turn heads. Perfect if you want that little bit of extra attention. Believe me you are going to get it. This blazer will work really well on a night out with some basic top and ripped jeans.

I really hope this post will give you the inspiration of investing in some blazers yourself. I assure you, you will not regret your purchase. Please let me know in the comments what you are planning to get or if you already have a favorite blazer. These blazers are all from Zara. If you are into Zara but not so much a blazer gall, check out another Zara haul of me here. For more inspiration please take a look at my style archive.

Thank you so much for reading my post.

Love Isabelle

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Zara Blazer with Multicolor Print
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