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How To..? The 8 Step Wardrobe Clear-out

How To..? The 8 Step Wardrobe Clear-out

The time of the year has (fortunately) come again to clean out our wardrobes and get ready for Autumn/Winter. Maybe you think that I’m quite early to get Autumn ready but honestly it already feels like October here. The weather is not up to August standards to say in the least, and so I feel the need to swap out all summery items and go straight into knitwear and cosy items preferably with a pumpkin spice latte in front of the fire place. But before I loose all focus we need to get things done. Therefore I will share with you my method for a good wardrobe clear-out that makes you not want to kill yourself half way through.

How To..? The 8 Step Wardrobe Clear-out

Step one: Hydration & Snacks

You might have thought we dive right into it.. but no. Ladies (and gentleman) it is extremely important to have your Iced lattes and snacksupply ready. Because even the thought of cleaning and sorting to this Mount Everest of clothes makes me want to already give up and start eating straight from the Nutella Jar, because depression. So take your laptop and put on your favorite song with coffee and snacks within reach (maybe even put Uber Eats on speed dial) and you will be off to a great start. Don’t argue with me on this because so far I’m pretty confident about this method.

Step two: Take it all out

Take all your clothes out and decide whether you want to keep it or throw it out. Be the same way with putting clothes back in. You have to be ruthless! No, you don’t need that t-shirt that has been laying in the back of your closet with the label maybe-this-comes-back-in-style-in-x-years. No sis, it is time to go. You will be thanking me later for all the extra room in your closet reserved for new items 🙂

How To..? The 8 Step Wardrobe Clear-out

Step three: Cleaning Lady

Whilst having everything you own in a pile on the floor or on ‘the chair’ make sure you clean your closet as well. We maybe a chaotic unorganized mess but unhygienic we ain’t.

Step four: Enjoying a well deserved break

Since you have been sorting, organizing an cleaning for what feels like an entire year, you will have burnt your fair amount of calories. This basic counts as a workout. And completing a workout means ordering a Pizza!

Step five: Structured life is happy wife

Decide how you want to structure your wardrobe and create clear sections. No more throwing things in the back of your drawer to be forgotten completely. If you are the OG OCD’er you can even arrange every section based on color but obviously that is completely up to you.

Step six: Boxing it up

Be sure to store anything that isn’t for the current season you’re in. Seeing that summer dress in mid November is just going to distract you and make you depressed for not being in the Bahama’s right that second. You don’t need that kind of negativity.

Step seven: Celebrate your accomplishment

Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your fresh new wardrobe. Make a promise that it will stay like this for at least a month. You will thank yourself later. Take another well-deserved-celebratory-snack and fix yourself a drink, alcoholic if need be.

How To..? The 8 Step Wardrobe Clear-out

*Optional step eight: 2nd life or recycling

You remember all the clothes you ruthlessly threw aside in step two. They will not go to waste. There are numerous options that will make other people and therefore yourself happy! Put your ‘unwanted’ clothes on apps to sell them and earn money to buy new bits. Another option is put them in bags and give them to charity, you’ll be surprised how happy you can make this organizations with your donation!



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