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Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair

Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair

Anyone that knows me personally, knows that my hair has had to take a lot for the past 10 years. I dyed my hair many colors, heat styled it as many times as I possibly could and worst of all bleached it over and over again. So maybe you get the idea of what state it was in. Sometimes you have to say to yourself enough is enough and this was the time to say it. My hair was in need of some serious TLC and I was fully committed on giving that to her. I needed to establish a hair care routine for healthy hair.

For the longest time I wanted that gorgeous long flowy beach wavy hair. But when you did the damage like I did, short is the only option. Don’t get me wrong I really like the short hair. But now with this journey I want to try to grow it as long as I can. I really came to love the below mentioned products. They make my hair grow longer and thicker and it feels so much healthier at this point. So if you are at a similar point in your life where you want to take good care of your locks then keep on reading 🙂

Gisou honey infused hair mask

This is seriously my holy grail of hair masks. It makes your hair so soft and makes it feel strong at the same time. Gisou says  “its an intensive nourishing mask enriched with Mirsalehi Honey from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden, formulated to hydrate and replenish hair while improving its elasticity, shine and health” and I cannot agree more. This honestly made such a difference. You need to get you hands on this now!!

Gisou hair mask
scalp massager

Scalp massager

What is better then being in the shower and get a scalp massage at the same time, nothing right?! Its so relaxing. The scalp massager is designed to boost circulation and improve overall scalp health. It can be used alone on a dry scalp or paired with your favorite treatments in or out of the shower for an invigorating at-home massage therapy experience. I personally use this to massage the shampoo and conditioner into my hair.


Adding Biotin to my diet is one of the latest steps in my haircare routine. Let me start with a little bit of info. Biotin is part of the B vitamin family, its an essential vitamin that helps maintain healthy hair, skin, nails and mucus membranes. You can find it naturally in fish, nuts, dairy, leafy green, mushrooms and pulses, but as it is water-soluble, the body doesn’t store it.

Biotin hair supplement supports the maintenance of normal skin & hair and mucus membranes. My experience with this supplement is that my hair grows faster since I take this and It also make my hair look more shiny. I am here for it!

no yellow shampoo & mask

Silver shampoo & mask

I use the Clean Blonde shampoo from Fudge. I have tried many anti-yellow shampoos in the past but this is by far the best one. The violet is so pigmented which means it shows instant results. Leave it in for some minutes up to an hour depending on how intense you want your ashy look. I love my blonde hair but i really hate that brassy. I like my hair really ashy/almost grey kind of look. This shampoo gets the job done!

This in combination with the no yellow mask from Fanola gives the impression that I murdered a smurf in the shower. With its special violet pigment that neutralizes yellow reflections, leaving your hair soft , shiny and silky and most importantly not yellow!

L’oreal Elnett heat protect

Air drying my hair is not an option since it gets so incredibly frizzy and untamable. Therefore I love to style my hair with a curling iron or a blow dryer. The heat protection spray of L’oreal Elnett makes sure that my hair is not going to be damaged while styling it. I can use this product every day and not be worried what the state of my hair will be. I know there are tons of heat protections on the market but this product doesn’t rob the bank and still does the job.

Elnett heat protection spray

Everyone has a different hair care routine as we all have different types of hair and want different things. Today I wanted to share my hair care routine for healthy hair so you will have some inspiration to add some products to your own collection. Below in the ‘Shop The Post’ section you will find the links to all my favorites. Do you have a hair product that is your Holy grail or something you can’t live without. Please let me know in the comments as I’m always looking for new stuff to try to up my hair care game!

Thank you for reading as always!

Love Isabelle

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